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Who’s ready for more B!G ideas in 2022?

We will be back in 2022 with a brand new home, a brand new set of movies and immersive experiences. See you soon.


We are a group of like-minded partners with a vision driven by community. We will deliver a venue to gather, create, connect and celebrate safely.

We are all feeling the devastating effects of this global pandemic, losing many of the community events and venues we utilize for social gatherings. Well, now is the time to reconnect safely. In order to adapt, and thrive, we need the “new normal” to be full of hope and creative solutions that connect us. Ironically, the best place to start is a classic format with a modern twist. We bring you, The DRIVE-IN.

An entertainment experience with all the traditional amenities you love and expect from a drive-in, with the technology of today. Giant LED video screens provide exceptional cinema day or night, while large format concert lighting and special FX will provide an augmented live experience for special events.

This event space is built by our community, for our community. Many of our city’s greatest live entertainment events and venues are suffering, in danger of never returning and in need of our immediate support. B!G ART and our partners will collaborate with these organizations to bring entertainment back to Calgary and give arts and culture a new, temporary home.

See you at The DRIVE-IN


B!g C!nema

A classic drive-in experience will set the stage for something new, because this simply won’t be enough to breathe life back into this format. We are experts in immersive environments, changing the everyday into the extraordinary. With the use of special FX, large format concert sound and lighting, and live action actors, we will deliver an interactive cinematic experience never before seen in Calgary. Imagine choreographed pyrotechnic explosions perfectly timed to intense action scenes, blistering sound at the front of your vehicle, CO2 effects producing clouds of colour, a motorbike cruising behind you at full throttle. Now stop imagining. Calgary has the talent and technology to make this a reality when community and creative production partners collaborate for a greater cause.

OUR NEW HOME – Stay Tuned

A new home is on the horizon, Stay tuned for more. 


A new home is coming….soon.



Thursday, Aug 11


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there COVID-19 restrictions in place?

Yes, we take the health and safety of our moviegoers very seriously. Please consult the list of rules & regulations can be found here.

What time can we arrive for our selected showing?

6:00pm showing – doors open at 5:00pm
9:00pm showing – doors open at 8:00pm

Can I bring a lawn chair, sit on the roof or get out of my car?

With restrictions lifted, we now permit our guests to view the show from outside of their vehicles. Please stay within two metres of your vehicle on the passenger side or directly in front, without blocking the lane. 

Please do not bring more than simple, folding, temporary seating. Anything more than that will hinder your neighbours’ experience. Remember, simple is best.

Do I have to wear a mask outside of my car?

We encourage you to wear a mask if you are 2 metres within another co-hort outside. We also strongly recommend wearing masks when entering TELUS Spark facilities to use the washrooms.

Can we sit in the bed of our truck or the back of our van? 

Yes. Please be very aware of all social distancing rules when setting up the back of your vehicle and limit movement between the main cabin and the back of your vehicle.

Will I be able to see the screens from anywhere in the venue? 

The size, height and placement of screens are limited due to  venue restrictions. We will do our best to create a magical experience, but please keep these limitations in mind when viewing all films.

What is my admission good for?

Your admission is good for one vehicle with up to 5 people. In the case of families with small children exceeding 5, with the proper amount of seatbelts, we may make exceptions. However, management reserves the right to refuse admission.

When are you open?

We are open weekly Thursday – Sunday. Some days may be booked for private events. Consult the tickets section for show times and other hours of operation information

What time do movies start? 

Please check each movie event for specific gate times and movie times. Typically films start at 6pm and 9pm from Thursday to Sunday. All events can be found in the tickets section

Can we pick a stall?

Ushers will guide you to your stall, on a first come, first serve basis. We suggest you arrive early. If you are in a larger vehicle you may be placed near the back of the venue.

Do you show films in the rain?

Yes. The film will play rain or shine. Please dress appropriately for the weather. No refunds will be issued in case of rain.

How can we see the movie from the back seat of a car?

There are three large LED video screens so you will be able to see out the side windows. However, due to the nature of the parking lot, some sight lines are better than others depending on your vehicle.

Can we walk or ride our bikes to the movie?

Yes, as long as “patio” tickets are available, we encourage you to ride your bike, take public transport or a ride share service. You will need to bring your own seating and maintain 2m of distance from other cohorts.

How do you get sound for the movie?

The movie audio will be transmitted by FM radio directly to your car. Typically, we use 94.3FM but the exact station will be displayed on the screens before the start of the movie, and given to you upon arrival. If you purchase patio tickets, small speakers will be used at the front of the stage.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

No. All tickets need to be pre-purchased in order to adhere to contact tracing protocol. However, you can buy your tickets from our online platform at any point from a mobile device. So, just buy your ticket before you hit the gate, and you’re good.

What about the guys in the trunk?

They don’t have to pay as long as they stay in the trunk…with the lid closed all night. But seriously, nobody in the trunk please.

What if my car battery dies?

Just ask an usher and we will give you a boost.

Can we bring our pets?

No. Please leave your pets at home. For the safety of others, and to maintain strict health protocols, we cannot have any pets in the venue.

Can we bring snacks? 

Yes, feel free to bring your own snacks BUT we ask that you support TELUS Spark by purchasing food and beverage items from the onsite concession. You can order items in advance through the online ticketing platform or there will be a concession’s link you can access during the show to receive food to your car. You order will be delivered to your vehicle shortly after. You can order your food on-site through here:

How late is the concession open? 

The concessions will take orders until 8:00 PM on the early show and 10:00 PM on the late show.

Can we purchase food and beverages on site?

Yes! There will be a concession’s link you can access during the show to receive food to your car. You order will be delivered to your vehicle shortly after. You can order your food on-site through here:

Are there washrooms?

Guests are welcome to use the bathrooms inside TELUS Spark, accessed through the main doors, at any time throughout the show – masks are strongly recommended while inside the building. We ask that you avoid using the washrooms after each film, to avoid line ups and congestion in the building and parking lot.

Can I leave at any time? 

Unless it is an emergency, we ask that you please stay for the entire experience.

Can we bring our camper/RV?

Due to the limitation of the parking lot, campers and RVs will not be permitted. Some exceptions may apply for smaller conversion vans. Management reserves the right to refuse entry of these vehicles. Keep in mind, you will be placed near the back of the venue in order to maintain sight lines for smaller vehicles.

Can I bring alcohol or cannabis?

No. Leave it at home. Driving while under the influence is illegal. Some special events may include designated alcohol and cannabis consumption zones. Check the details of each special event.

I have friends arriving later. Can I reserve a spot next to mine for them?

Every parking spot is first-come, first serve, and you will be placed by an usher. If you wish to park together, please arrive together. Keep in mind, we will place vehicles according to their size.

Can I leave my car running? 

Please refrain from running your vehicles unless absolutely necessary.

Can I get a refund?

NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. In the event of show cancellation by management due to severe weather, mechanical breakdown or unforeseen circumstances prior to showtime, with less than 60 minutes of run time on a single feature, or during the first feature of a double feature, a full refund will be offered. Tickets are non-transferable and management reserves the right to refuse entry.

All sales are final and no refunds will be given unless the showing gets cancelled

Don’t see your question here? 

Please feel free to email us any of your questions at

Trusted Partners

It takes a village.

Calgary is home to some of the best entertainment production suppliers in Canada, founded and developed by Calgarians and employing hundreds of families in our city. They put Calgary on the map as a mecca of production technology with innovative, creative, and professional work. Each partner has been carefully selected for their contribution to the production services sector, as well as the community. We have the talent, technology, and professionalism to produce a safe, innovative world-class entertainment experience right here in Calgary.

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Info and bookings:

Rules and Regulations

Terms and Conditions

Participation in Live Events has risks and hazards including risks associated with the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 including property damage, illness, personal injury, and even death. As a participant in this Event, I agree to have my guests, or anyone who attends in my vehicle as part of my cohort, read and agree to the following information.

  1. I acknowledge and voluntarily assume all the risks, including legal risks, and hazards that arise from my participation this Event. I waive my right to commence a legal action against RISE UP, Bird Creatives, Big Art Drive-in, if I, or any of my children, family members or guests, suffer any damage, illness, injury, loss or death from participating in this Event. I further waive any claim I may have against RISE UP, Bird Creatives, Big Art Drive-in arising from my participation in this Event, however it is caused, and I agree to indemnify and hold harmless RISE UP, Bird Creatives, and Big Art Drive-in from all claims arising from my participation in the event.

COVID-19 Specific Rules

  2. THE GOLDEN RULE – You are not to leave your car for any reason outside of using the bathroom or a major medical emergency (with the exception of lawn chairs and the bed of your trucks/trunks). Security will patrol all lanes, and you will be escorted off the property if you break this rule. One of the only ways we prevent infection is by limiting close contact between household units. Physical distancing is a key measure in fighting this virus. If you are in medical distress, please signal a staff member, and they will coordinate the appropriate first responders. If we cannot abide by this rule, we will no longer have events of this nature or any other. We believe in you and our greater community to abide by this very simple rule so we can congregate and share in this experience together. If you are utilizing one of our patios, the same rules apply. After you have been escorted to your designated patio, you must remain there until the experience has ended. Do not bring coolers, large food storage bags, stoves, or any other “camping” style equipment. Please dress weather appropriate for the patios as they have no coverings.
  3. There are permanent washroom facilities on-site, sanitized in accordance with current AHS guidelines. However, public washrooms are considered a high-risk facility for infection, so please refrain from using these facilities unless absolutely necessary. Please follow all posted rules and regulations and maintain physical distancing. Masks are mandatory at all times when using these indoor facilities.
  4. You may roll your windows down, but do not discard anything from your vehicle.
  5. All food and beverage must be purchased through our online system or with one of our roaming attendants and will be delivered to your vehicle. In order to make this a seamless process, please pre-purchase concession items at least 4 hours before the start time of your experience. On-site food concession is available.

Standard Rules and Regulations for Guests

  1. KEEP YOUR PROOF OF PURCHASE. It is your only proof of paid admission. Barcodes must be produced when requested by staff. Individuals entering the site by means other than ticket gate are trespassers; their entire party will be evicted without refund.
  2. THE SPEED LIMIT is 5 km/h, before moving your vehicle, please check immediately before and after to be sure the area is clear of people and objects from you and your neighbour’s vehicles. Wait for the lights to come up to full brightness so you can see more clearly and be watchful for other guests and staff.
  3. VEHICLE LIGHTS must remain off during the experience. Parking lights are acceptable when parking or exiting after dark. However, headlights and daytime running lights must remain off once the experience begins.
  4. INTERIOR LIGHTS are a distraction to others (including pick up truck bed lights), please limit their usage, this also applies to other light sources such as media players, infotainment systems, mobile device screens, other digital device screens, and accent lighting. Be sure to uncover or reactivate your lights before exiting.
  5. When PARKING your vehicle, please be sure you park at least 2m from the next vehicle. Ushers will help you find your designated spot. If you’re driving anything larger than a conventional car, please check to be sure you are not blocking the view of a previously parked vehicle near you. If in doubt, be polite and ask. Management reserves the right to assign your position for any reason. A fire safety lane has to be maintained around the site, do not park anywhere other than your designated spot.
  6. PATIOS – If you are utilizing our “patios,” place your blankets and chairs inside your fenced area and do not hang any items on the fence. Do not leave children unattended. Do not approach the stage for any reason, and similar to all vehicles, do not leave this fenced area unless absolutely necessary. Do not bring any coolers, portable stoves, or other “camping” style equipment with you. These spaces are meant for a chair with accessories and personal items. Dress weather appropriate for patios as they do not have any coverings. Some events require patios to be 18+ only due to alcohol service, please have your ID ready upon arrival. We do have the right to turn minors away for 18+ patios.
  7. Persons are not allowed upon the roof of vehicles.
  8. NO CASH REFUNDS. Passes will only be given upon OFFICIAL CANCELLATION of scheduled events BEFORE the experience is completed as a result of the loss of electric power, severe fog, or other unforeseen weather conditions or equipment failure.
  9. Keep your radio tuned to the FM station listed on the screens. This information will also be available on the website and social media channels. If you elect to play your own music before experience, you must keep the volume down so as not to disturb other patrons. This applies in particular to subwoofers.
  10. NO ALCOHOL, CANNABIS OR ILLEGAL DRUGS IN ANY FORM. If we witness usage or anyone disrupting others that appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you will be asked to leave the site immediately. Calgary Police Services will be called at our discretion.
  11. EMISSIONS – Vehicles emitting excessive fumes may be asked to leave the site. We reserve the right to have you turn off the vehicle or re-position you to another area if you run your engine during the movie for heating or air-conditioning, and we receive complaints from others around you. Vehicles with fuel leaks may be asked to relocate or leave the site at management’s discretion. We understand you may need to run your vehicle from time-to-time in order to stay warm or cool, so please use common sense and restraint. Idling vehicles pollute the air.
  12. Insurance regulations PROHIBIT OPEN FLAMES from guests of any kind. Items such as candles, fireworks & sparklers are forbidden.
  13. NO VULGAR or PROFANE LANGUAGE nor LOUD VOICES, as this is a family atmosphere.
  15. Laser pointers are prohibited, their use will result in ejection from the site—no shining of any lights on-screen during the experience.
  16. Please refrain from using your car horn, as we are located in a residential area.
  17. Video recording and photography of the on-screen experience is prohibited. Film piracy is a federal crime; if caught, you will be reported to the authorities. When deemed legal, and appropriate, by the experienced promoter, you may record the on-stage experience. Please refer to the website for more information on a particular experience.
  18. Please dispose of your trash properly in waste receptacles. In order to avoid excess trash from these experiences, we ask you to use biodegradable and/or recyclable containers and take them home with you.
  19. VANDALISM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Vandalism and willful acts of destruction will result in expulsion from the site without a refund; Calgary Police Services will be called at our discretion.

Ticket Terms and Conditions

Your use of this ticket constitutes an acknowledgement of your willingness to appear in photographs and videos taken in public areas of the venue, releases The DRIVE-IN, and all affiliates, from liability resulting from the use of such photographs or videos and grants The DRIVE-IN, and all affiliates, the unrestricted right to produce, reproduce, publish, broadcast, communicate, distribute, adapt and otherwise use or reuse photographs and videos, without further compensation. Bearer of this ticket voluntarily assumes all risks and damages incidental to visiting the venue for which the ticket is issued.

Refund Policy

NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. In the event of show cancellation by management due to severe weather, mechanical breakdown or unforeseen circumstances prior to showtime, with less than 60 minutes of run time on a single feature, or during the first feature of a double feature, a full refund will be offered. Tickets are non-transferable, and management reserves the right to refuse entry.